The Flow of Music


Driade Summarized

Bold and provocative, the timeless classic Driade shape has returned!
The Driade loudspeakers stand for natural sound, pace & rhythm and revived joy in music!
The Driade Premium Series Model 1 retains the original Driade shape which is mirrored in all other Driade models. This model constitutes the foundation of the overall Driade design, from which all other Driade models have derived.

Driade is one of a few high-end loudspeaker manufacturers who develop their own drivers.
Our hand-coated silk dome tweeter that is featured in every Driade Premium Model boasts an extremely low resonance frequency and will mesmerize the listener with rich, warm, yet crisp, uncolored sound reproduction with authentic staging. The volume behind the membrane is air flow optimized with specific damping.

All 7” bass drivers feature an open, air flow optimized phase plug, a 32mm voice coil and a massive, under-hung magnet system with polished open pole plates. The 4” Driade midrange drivers have the exact same properties, except that a 25 mm voice coil and gap is used. Furthermore, the drivers differ with regard to the cone materials, the material of the voice coil formers, voice coil wire and the length of the voice coil and because of this, the magnetic flux density. The previously used original Hexacone drivers were in 1989 developed by Driade.
Our 7” bass-midrange driver has an extremely light, ripped paper-carbon membrane, which delivers a pleasing, warm and open sound with contoured midrange and powerful, deep bass. This driver generates a solid uncoloured bass and adds up to a crystal clear overall sound performance.
The Driade Elite models use 4” and 7” optimized drivers with composite cones, combining stiffness and inner damping, and a dynamic cone geometry which delivers an unheard of natural sound and depth of stage.


Our research is mostly focused on natural sound reproduction. We do not use standard enclosure damping material; neither do we use copper sleeves which encapsulate the voice coil gap. Internally we use in all Driade loudspeakers our own Driade Flow cables, the best cables on the market.

Consciously we use no bi-wiring option. For our crossovers we use polycarbonate capacitors, non-inductive resistors and pure copper coils impregnated and baked with poly-molecular paraffin.
All components are measured and paired. In all Driade loudspeakers the total of all components in one crossover set are paired within 0.1 %!

We strive to design, develop and manufacture our Driade high fidelity products to attain the incomparable, natural Driade sound with pace & rhythm and revived joy in music!