The Driade Premium Series loudspeakers


The Driade Elite Series loudspeakers

Pleasing to ear and eye alike,

Driade loudspeakers strike a harmonic chord. With a rich palette of veneer woods or satin lacquer schemes there is always a Driade loudspeaker to suit your personal taste. And then – the incomparable Driade sound! Finely detailed yet robust, with gossamer highs and deep lows, the Driade loudspeakers’ musical qualities will soothe as well as invigorate you. While, as if by magic, the performing artists materialize seemingly, as it were, in your very listening room.


The slender silhouette of the Driade Premium loudspeakers belies its sturdiness and structural integrity. Internal bracing and lock-jointed and bonded 20mm MDF panelling make for monolithic strength and rigidity.
The Driade Elite models use a special frame resulting in an even more rigid enclosure.
The utmost in technically advanced transducers, innovative cross-over circuitry for tight seamless frequency, impulse and phase control, provide for unequalled music reproduction and the ultimate in listening pleasure.


A premium performance indeed !


Home-made in Europe

Home is where the heart is. And the home of music is – since monks of the Benedictine order invented modern musical notation nearly a thousand years ago – in Europe. So it is not a co-incidence that the very heart of high fidelity music reproduction lies in Europe’s laboratories, studios and workshops where it came into existence in the first place. Thus, essentially, each and every Driade loudspeaker is home-made. With passion and pride that can only be found with the engineers, artisans and craftsmen who are the proud and – admittedly – self-conscious pall-bearers of this great heritage of European endeavour and ingenuity.


Driade’s unique-philosophy…