Driade, the shape of sound to come


The art of music reproduction, -transmission and -transcription has changed radically in an astonishing short period of time. Radically, and irreversible. In the past decennium, streaming, Bluetooth and stand-alone wireless have become household names. However, traditional means of music reproduction, such as the record player, have not altogether been dismissed. On the contrary: analogue music reproduction has gained new interest.


As sound and music constitute analogue entities, the final keystone in the chain of music reproduction is the analogue loudspeaker driver. At present, the obvious question is: how has the state of the art of loudspeaker engineering and technique fared? Did it keep up with the aforementioned changes? Well, Driade did. And, in true Driade fashion, we not only succeeded in keeping up, but in taking a solid lead at that.


As it is, in general there have been some unorthodox steps taken towards loudspeaker options, to comply with the dramatic changes we have seen in the music reproduction field. Unorthodox, especially when it comes to design.

But hey! Do we wish to accommodate a contraption that resembles some alien, extraterrestrial artefact in our cosy living quarters? Or mini sets audibly struggling with the laws of physics? Just to listen to the music we love and cherish?


We think not, and you need not. Enter the new Driade loudspeaker series. Engineered and crafted to gracefully complement your furnishing, while seducing you with the ultimate quality in music reproduction.


Driade, the shape of sound to come



Exclusively manufactured in Germany
All Driade drivers are exclusively manufactured in Germany by LPG-ETON GmbH, Neu-Ulm.
Driade drivers are designed by Arnold Heres (Driade) in co-operation with Philipp Vavron (LPG).
All 4” and 7” drivers have the same airflow optimised magnet system with ventilated phase plug construction.
Our hand-coated silk dome tweeters have an extremely low resonance frequency of 570-680 Hz and uses an air flow optimised volume.



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